#M3TFellowFriday: Elaine Schwing

Each Friday during the school year, we will spotlight one of our M3T Fellows. This week, let’s meet Elaine Schwing from the Board of Child Care!

Elaine Schwing

M3T Noyce Fellow – Cohort 2

Middle School/High School Mathematics Teacher

Board of Child Care

WV Schools of Diversion & Transition

Twitter: @Schwingaling

Number of years teaching: 12

Positions and Roles: Teaches all math in grades 6 through 12, CodeWV Computer Science Discoveries Facilitator, Faculty Senate President

Professional awards, distinctions, and points of pride: Is a National Board Certified Teacher, has presented at WVCTM in 2018-2022, and was a Project Based Learning Workshop co-creator and facilitator

Interesting personal facts: She is an avid greeting card sender; she enjoys reading, hiking, playing pickleball, and thrift shopping; she taught at Morgantown High and WVU prior to her current role

Elaine at Babcock State Park

Why are you excited to be part of the M3T project?

“I am excited to learn from math educators from across the state. As the only math teacher in my building, I am anxious to have other ‘math people’ in which to discuss ideas. I’m also excited to continue to learn how to best engage my students in math learning and loving!”

Why do you teach mathematics?

“I began teaching math because I appreciated that it was objective; I have continued to teach math because I find it far more complex than ‘objective.’ I believe that encouraging students to persevere and problem solve through their math learning can help them to persist and overcome any challenge.” 

What are you focused on improving about mathematics teaching?

“I am passionate about engaging my students in relevant math learning and to see themselves as mathematicians. My students often do not believe in themselves or in their math abilities, and I’m striving to change their perceptions.”

Final Thoughts:

“Being a part of the M3T Project has been an honor and a privilege. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from such amazing educators and for their support and encouragement in helping me discover ways to improve my teaching.”

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