Mountaineer Mathematics Master Teachers

Improving Mathematics Teaching and Learning Across West Virginia

Mountaineer Mathematics Master Teachers (M3T) is focused on supporting and championing collaborative, teacher-led improvement of mathematics teaching and learning across West Virginia. M3T seeks to identify, support, and empower experienced and exemplary secondary mathematics teachers as teacher leaders who, through the use of the tools of improvement science and networked improvement communities (NICs), will lead efforts to improve mathematics teaching and learning across the state.

The network of educators that has been created through M3T has been amazing to work with. I have felt supported in my classroom and challenged to try new and innovative ways of teaching.

Kerianne Smead
M3T Noyce Fellow, Cohort 1
Morgantown High School

Our Work

The M3T network looks to collectively address the lack of students in classrooms across West Virginia engaging in the “doing” of mathematics. This includes practices such as communicating mathematical reasoning, critiquing the reasoning of others, engaging in solving complex mathematical problems, and making mathematical connections across the curriculum and outside of school.

Our network works to continually understand the various factors that hinder the centering of students and their reasoning in the mathematical work of West Virginia’s classrooms. We are also developing and testing a “theory of improvement” to identify the levers of change that will lead to more West Virginia students engaging in the doing of mathematics in classrooms.

In the national conversation about reimagining and improving mathematics education, voices from West Virginia are necessary and valuable.

Adam S. Riazi, M3T Noyce Fellow, Cabell Midland High School

Our Network

The M3T network is currently comprised of 44 middle and high school mathematics teaching Fellows across three cohorts, representing 29 county school districts across West Virginia, participating teachers on M3T “local improvement teams”, as well as project leads Dr. Matthew Campbell and Joanna Burt-Kinderman and M3T Noyce project faculty and staff from WVU.