#M3TFellowFriday: Jack Kaniecki

Each Friday during the school year, we will spotlight one of our M3T Fellows. This week, let’s meet Jack Kaniecki from Wheeling Park High School!

Jack Kaniecki

M3T Noyce Fellow – Cohort 2

High School Mathematics Teacher

Wheeling Park High School

Ohio County Schools

Twitter: @jxu24

Number of years teaching: 18

Positions and Roles: Teaches Algebra and Advanced Math Modeling; Mathematics Department Chair; Key Club Advisor, Member of WVCTM

Professional awards, distinctions, and points of pride: Has been department chair at two different schools, was named Teacher of the Year and was hired as department chair after only two years at the school, has a Masters Degree

Interesting personal facts: He enjoys exercising, watching sports, playing with his kids, family time, watching TV with his wife, and reading when he has free time

Why are you excited to be part of the M3T project?

“I have always believed that teachers learn best from other teachers, especially when they are afforded the time to share ideas, implement, observe, get feedback, and then adjust.  This project is affording us that time and making it a priority.”

Why do you teach mathematics?

“Honestly, I first wanted to teach because I wanted to coach basketball.  I chose mathematics because I was good at it.  Now, I teach mathematics because I can see the patterns and logic all throughout it and I want my students to see that too.”

What are you focused on improving about mathematics teaching?

“I want my students to enjoy being in a mathematics classroom.  The traditional approach has students trained to believe that math must be done quickly and correctly on the first try.  I want mistakes to be celebrated.  I want students to feel as though their thinking is valued. I want to find a blend of students collaborating on a regular basis but also assessing them individually at different times.”

Final Thoughts:

“When I’m exhausted at the end of the day, meeting with other fellows (even if it’s virtually) always refuels me for the next day.  It is very refreshing and inspiring when sharing best practices and learning new ones with other teachers who want to be constantly improving their craft” 

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